How much are you budgeting for political advertising in 2018?  Our 2018 Political LA$R(TM) is a unique product that offers detailed forecasts by state and by market. It’s designed for anyone selling, buying, or otherwise tracking the estimated $9.3 billion that will be spent in the 2018 election cycle — 13% more than in the previous “Year 2” cycle (2014).  Each report provides a statewide glimpse the of the races slated for 2018 and our forecasts for expenditures for each, with detail for each TV market area (TMA/DMA) within that state. A report is available for each of the 50 states. You’ll get:

Political Ad Spending Budget Forecast 2018 Campaigns

How do we compile these estimates?  Borrell derives its ad-spending data from a variety of sources, including U.S. government filings, disclosures to the Federal Elections Commission, public company statements, information from exchange desks, and media company records. Forecasts are based on Borrell’s ongoing tracking of political advertising expenditures per eligibile voter, tracked along relative election cycles over four-year periods. For instance, we base our 2018 forecasts on the last “Year 2” period, which was 2014, when $8.3 billion was spent on political ads. For 2018, we’re forecasting $9.38 billion, a 13% increase.

The report costs $2,750 per state.  Significant discounts are availabl