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Social Media Perceptions: Dealing with The ‘Necessary Evil’

Our monthly SMB panel has weighed in on Social Media.  This insightful 19-page summary shows how more of them now view Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms as “necessary evils.”  We asked about usage patterns, performance, how they are using the platforms, and what’s becoming more important — and less important — this year.  This […]

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2023 Annual Benchmarking Report

This annual report is the most compresentive we publish all year. Our 21st annual report reflects the latest research on $95.4 billion in digital advertising expenditures by local businesses and, more specifically, the $13.3 billion of it that winds up in the hands of locally based media companies. It examines digital revenue from thousands of media […]

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Subscriber Exclusive: Borrell’s 2022/2023 Charts of the Week

All 10 charts from Borrell’s Winter 2022-23 Chart of the Week series is provided in a user-friendly Powerpoint format for use by clients to share with co-workers or use in presentations.  Our ongoing, twice-yearly series provides focused insights from Borrell’s most recent survey of local advertisers and ad agencies.  While charts are released publicly one […]

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How SMBs Generate Leads

Local businesses are developing their own 1st party data via the creation of customer lists. But they’re heavily focused on collecting contact information for potential customers — also known as leads. This 14-page report offers insights on how businesses define leads, how they’re obtaining that information, and which marketing activities are preferred to do so. […]

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Q2 SMB Business Barometer: Uh-Oh

Our 23rd SMB Business Barometer survey has picked up on a troublesome downturn in advertisers’ mood.  Headed into the latter half of the year, they’ve become a bit more reticent about ad spending. But there’s not all bad news. Our six-page summary, available only to Borrell subscribers, details how their mood has changed every quarter since September […]

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