Crisis Marketing Webinar 2

Borrell Webinar: Crisis Marketing for Local Media

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Originally recorded live on March 18, 2020, this webinar offers guidance for local agencies and media companies on how to serve local businesses in times of crisis. The webinar describes how to help local marketers as they struggle with declining sales and customer distractions. We identify which business might actually thrive with the right marketing and how you can help them gain a voice, how the “at home” community is causing a shift in consumption of local goods and services, and what those suffering the most will need when the recovery begins. Featured speakers are Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia; Matt Coen, president of Second Street Media; Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner at The Center for Sales Strategy; Jim Brown, EVP of Sales for Borrell Associates; Corey Elliott, EVP of Local Market Intelligence for Borrell; and Gordon Borrell, CEO.

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